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We sincerely thank everyone who has shown their gratitude and support. Cresyn Inc. was established by Lee Jong Bae who is Chairman of the Cresyn Group as a manufacturing company mainly ear phones and head phones in 1985 from the base of Dae Han axis pin manufacturing company used in phonograph in 1959. Since it foundation, we have been providing audio, communication accessories to the worlds finest companies, receiving approval of our quality and in 2002, we have produced a Cresyn brand product, receiving compliments from our customers upon outstanding sound qualities and designs. Also recently, we are proceeding to developing optical businesses such as camera modules, performing and becoming a company with various business portfolios.

We, PT. Longvin Indonesia was a subsidiary company from CRESYN GROUP in Korea and new register in Indonesia for manufacturing and supply of the unit line for earphone system and head set from 1st July 2006 separately and shall be individually and accountable to the CLIENT.

PT. Longvin Indonesia with core technical who are experience in the manufacturing of the unit line for earphone system, headset starting in 1989 with National Matsushita, AIWA JAPAN, etc.
        However, PT. Longvin Indonesia former CRESYN ( Shinwoo ) would like to ask for the forth coming project with you. We are ready to discuss any type of earphone system and another electronic items with you, i.e. long-term new project supplier or exclusive supplier.

Our Company
Kp.Palagan- parung kuda 43157 - Indonesia  

Phone: (62) 266 737455-56  65-71
Fax: ((62) 266 737390


Factory: Kp.Palagan Ds. bojong kokosan
kode pos 43157 Parungkuda
Sukabumi -Indonesia