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It is our great pleasure to take this opportunity to introduce
our business activities to you through presenting our business summary

PT.Longvin Indonesia was a subsidiary company of PT.Cresyn Group In Korea, wich  are developed on Des 2005.

For the first time this company are established to full fill production capacity of earphone unit assy that are supplied to Cresyn Group in Korea and others countries. At least, the top management of Cresyn Group want to produce unit assy earphone by separately factory and itself management. Finally, Top management of Cresyn Group establish PT.Longvin Indonesia which is special produce of earphone unit assy and responsibility to supply it to full fill of order from Cresyn Group. In the Future we, PT. Longvin Indonesia will develop our market and order to others market and all of buyers related with our design and products. As a result We will make impressive progress in these scope and take a pride in our position as a reliable design manufacturing export and supply of the highest quality of sound product. Therefore, We firmly believe that we could be qualified as a good business partner with your respect firm and could take the opportunity to exclusive, long-term multi sub supplier to you with the products of best quality in the near future

Sincerelly yours

                                                                                                                                                                                      Willy Chone CEO / President Director
 PT.Longvin Indonesia


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Factory: Kp.Palagan Ds. bojong kokosan
kode pos 43157 Parungkuda
Sukabumi -Indonesia